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Pay Accout Office ( Other Rank ) BEG & Centre Roorkee - 247667 ( UP ) Complaints - OUTSTANDING CLAIM OF RS 2,00,000/- LAKHS ONLY
Pay Accout Office ( Other Rank ) BEG & Centre Roorkee - 247667 ( UP )
Posted: 16 of Aug, 2010 by [email protected]

Dear Sir,
I, Ex-JC-327930K Subedar Raj Kumar Setia of 59 Engineer Regiment since have been retired from the Army on 01 Mar 2010. A sum of Rs 2,00,000/- ( Two Lakhs ) on account of outstanding claim, has not adjusted till date inspite of desired documents of claim under Army Order 32/80 already handed over to Pay Account Office BEG & Centre Roorkee ( UP ) PIN-247667.
Kindly look into the matter.
  Posted on 17-Aug-2010 , Posted by mehta.77   Send Mail
  Posted on 27-Aug-2010 , Posted by [email protected]   Send Mail
Dear Sir,

1. Till date, No (No ) response so far received with regards to my complain.
  Posted on 27-Aug-2010 , Posted by [email protected]   Send Mail
Dear Sir,

1. How long time it will take to solve this matter?
  Posted on 27-Aug-2010 , Posted by [email protected]   Send Mail
Dear Sir,

1. I am in need of money.

2. Kindly look into the matter
  Posted on 02-Dec-2010 , Posted by [email protected]   Send Mail
Dear Sir,
I No-15339603x Nk Santosh kumar Barik of BEG and Centre Roorkee now posted at DGNP(V),Visakhapatnam. and till date my payment for the month of Nov is not credited in my account due to wrong entry of my account no. as per my QSA 08/2010. i had send my NEFT Form and a Cancelled Cheque also in March of 2010. but they enter a wrong account No in my name that is 30981293759 and i checked from SBI custermer care amd also from my concern Branch they told that Account No which entered in my name is wrong as well as not exist.

So Please kindly try to rectify my problem and Correct my Account Number.
My Correct Account no is 30981291759

Yours Faithfully
Santosh kumar Barik
Unit- DGNP(V)
  Posted on 07-Dec-2010 , Posted by Sahiram Maan   Send Mail
Dear Sir,

It is observed for the QE 08/2010 in respect of JC-338412K Nb Sub Sahi Ram Maan that the JCO posted from GE Premnagar to CCE (COD) New Delhi, E-in-C’s Branch, Kashmir House New Delhi wef 19 Aug 2009. The PTO regarding POSIN, CCX, TPTL, TFRGTH pub vide IHQ MoD (Army) Camp PTO No 0/0090/004,038,054 & 090/BEG(R)/2009 (Photo copy of PTO attached duly high lighted).

Yours sincerely
Nb Sub Sahiram Maan
  Posted on 07-Dec-2010 , Posted by udaya kumar pahi   Send Mail
Dear Sir,
1. Ref CDA Meerut letter No AT/I/CC/BEG&C/Corr/381 dated 10 Nov 2010.
2. It is observed from QSA of QE 05/2009 in respect of 1485720A Hav Udaya Kumar Pahi, that Rs 50,000/- wrongly shown as final withdrawal during the month of 01/2009 with Imprest Account No 013/00000 and deducted from his Fund Balance of QSA 05/2009 and interest also deducted in QSA 02/2010. The individual has not withdraw any amount from AFPP Fund during the year 2008 and 2009. Hence Rs 50,000/- required to be credited in his AFPP Fund Balance alongwith appropriate interest in next issue of QSA.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely
Hav Udaya Kumar Pahi
  Posted on 03-Feb-2011 , Posted by msgill1984   Send Mail
Dear Sir
I no 15348504W Spr Manmohan singh of BEG & Centre Roorkee now posted in 42 RR Bn(Assam)J & K.My monthly pay according to my QSA 08/2010 after deduction 18,659/-,but after record payment in DSP Account my monthly salary which credited in my account is not more than 15,000/-.kindly recheck my pay statement for future payments

For your further and necessary action please.

Yours Faithfully
Manmohan singh
42 RR Bn (Assam)
  Posted on 15-Feb-2011 , Posted by [email protected]   Send Mail
hi am ballu
  Posted on 24-Apr-2011 , Posted by [email protected]   Send Mail
Dear Sir,

It is observed for the monthly pay for the month of Mar 2011 in my bank account No of Rs 18500/- (7000+11700). On scrutinise that my payment has not calculated as per entitlement as per auth in 92 Task Force vide this unit posting in Part II Order No 0/0069/001/2010,0/0069/015/2010, 0/0069/017/2010, 0/0069/018/2010, 0/0069/020/2010 dt 10 Dec 2010 & CILQ vide PTO No 0/0001/043/2011 dt 08 Jan 2011 wef 23 Nov 2010. Please rectify the obsn and adjust the next month pay.

Yours sincerely
No 15336111N Hav/Clk (SD) Surendra Singh Rawat
  Posted on 03-Nov-2011 , Posted by Sudhaker Mani Pandey   Send Mail
observation regarding Rs 12000/- drawn by the indl on 31 Oct 2009 at PB Ser No 76 has been debited twice in QSA 08/2010. Hence you are requested to credit the above amount ie Rs 12000/- which was wrongly debited.

JC-338969W Nb/Sub/Clk(SD) Sudhaker Mani Pandey
  Posted on 18-Nov-2011 , Posted by ravinder singh   Send Mail
hello sir
i am no. 1491210p ravinder singh 69 engrs regt in service. may i prematucher discharge my decoment despatch to center plase detail me please.
  Posted on 20-Dec-2011 , Posted by [email protected]   Send Mail
No 15340497W Hav/JE(E/M) Swapan Das has been posted from GE(FW)Kolkata to CWE(SUBS)Mumbai on 25 Apr 2010 both the cities are A1. It is noticed that my TPAL has been stopped since Apr 2010 as per QSA for QE 05/2011.As per GOI, MOF, Department of Expenditure, New Delhi No 21(2)/2008- E-II(B) dt 29 Aug 2008, TPAL in A1 City is Rs.1600/ but only Rs.800/PM has been adjusted. Please reconcile.
  Posted on 20-Dec-2011 , Posted by [email protected]   Send Mail
JC 199939L Sub JE Civil Shinde Shivaji Haribhau has been posted out from 17 engr Regt to CWE (Subs) Mumbai on 15 Jan 2011. The JCO not recd QSA/Monthly Statement since Nov 2010. Please Send the same to CWE (Subs) Mumbai. My TPAL has been ceased since I have been posted out from 17 Engr Regt. Kindly do the needful.
  Posted on 08-Jan-2012 , Posted by ASHISH SINGH BHADORIA   Send Mail
Sir, No 15349688M Hav Ashish Singh Bhadoria posted in HQ Chief Engineer Shillong Zone. I was promoted to Hav wef Mar 2011 but i am still drawing the rank of Nk as per monthly statement of Dec 2011. Please pay fixation may pl be made in the rank of Hav at the earliest.
  Posted on 30-Jan-2012 , Posted by muthuthanga   Send Mail


1. Ref CDA (Fys) kolkata passing memo issued vide their letter No (IAFA-468) Rly/0/111/1459/1195 dt 08 July 2011. (Copy att)

2. Luggage claim in respect of No 15321593W Hav B Muthupandi for Rs 36000/-(Thirty Six thousand only) has been Passed vide CDA (Fys) Kolkata letter quoted above but the same was not adjusted by your office in the IRLA of the indl till.

3. In view of the above, you are requsted to look into matter personally to early adjustment of amount in the IRLA of the indl and intimate to this office for info of the indl concerned.
  Posted on 10-Feb-2012 , Posted by DOP   Send Mail
sub. providing of DOPI-II, no. my son for dependant certificate.
Respected Sir,
with due respect,I beg to beg to state that i have two sons .DOPI-II have been published be respective units. But DOPI-II Nos have not been entered in my discharge book .
therefor it is requested that DOPI-II Nos both above Sons may please be provied to me.
this bebevolence of yours will be very helpfull in making the future of my Sons. As erely action reguested.plz sir help me
  Posted on 18-Feb-2012 , Posted by GAGAN KUMAR MISHRA   Send Mail
NO 1487663H L/Nk SVY FD Gagan Kumar Mishra EMU (R&D) Balasore, Chandipur (Odisha) 756025 have not received my FORM No. 16 [See Rule 31(1)(a)] Assessment year 2010-2011 period 01/04/2009 to 31/03/2010. Please send me a copy at under mention my email.
Email Address: [email protected]
  Posted on 19-Mar-2012 , Posted by 1491910   Send Mail
i want register to log in
  Posted on 08-Jun-2012 , Posted by Sub. Parmar Prabhat Singh   Send Mail
Sir, I am presently serving with HQ CE(AF) Gandhinagar. Unit mentioned on top of Monthly Pay Slip is GE(I)(AF) Gandhinagar by PAO (OR) BEG Roorkee. I am not receiving my monthly pay slip in time. Children Edn Allces, Tfr Grant, Transportation allowances are not being credited in my pay. Please do as early as possible. Thanks.
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